Winiarska 40
New Project

function: residential

project: 2017

adress: ul. Winiarska 40, Poznań

inwestor: CONSTRUCTA PLUS Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.

Total area: 6 749,02 m2

Usable floor area: 5060,39 m2

Volume: 21 157,47 m3

Hight: 19,42 m

The building on Winiarska street in Poznań is a well sculptured, bright structure. The shape is the effect of the obligatory building alignment requirement and the technical infrastructure running through the site. In the building 49 apartments of different layout were designed. Together with the apartment floor, the area of the flats is growing – starting with modest studios on the ground floor, till spacious four-room apartments with vast terraces on the last floor. That’s the irregular shape and appealing gradation of light and shadow, that create the individual character of the building. “The negative rule” applied to the project influenced the use of materials of different textures and colours. Numerous loggies give the impression of being curved in the structure. Moderate use of colours merge with green landscape of the neighbourhood – the most beautiful Poznań’s Park Sołacki. Big level differences gave the opportunity to discretely locate the gateway and to minimalize the length of the ramp. The building has eight floors – two underground and 6 above ground. The building height – medium height category –  helps to bond together high and low rise building of the urban surroundings.