Budynek biurowy Giant Office w Poznaniu
Function: office
Project year: 2011 - 2017
Construction: 2018 - 2020
Address: Głogowska/ Górki St., Poznań
Investor: Giant Invest Sp. z.o.o.
Total area: 30 533 m2
Useable floor area: 18 035 m2
Volume: 100 112 m3
Height: 27.23 m

Giant Office was designed as a part of the revitalization of Głogowska Street, one of the main streets of Poznań, connecting the city centre with west-south suburbs. The main intention of the design process was to fit in into the mixed urban structure and complete the existing architectural context with materials and scale of the new development. The building consists of the ground floor with shops, services and a restaurant, 5 stories of office space and a two-stories underground garage.

The public function of the ground floor is indicated by different material, darker concrete, used on the façade. The shops have entrances from the main street, creating a downtown nature of the building. The office is designed around the inner courtyard, which creates semi-public space for restaurant tables and lunch break space for employees.

As a result of great energy efficiency, usage of sustainable materials, effective water and waste management, Giant Office building has high sustainability performance and it obtained Very Good assessment in BREEAM certification system.