“Ogrodowa” Apartments, Poznań
Function: residential and service
Project year: 2016 - 2017
Construction: 2017 -
Address: Ogrodowa Street 19, Poznań
Investor: CONSTRUCTA PLUS Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.
General contractor: PORR
Total area: 6 670 m2
Useable floor area: 4 352 m2
Volume: 13 898 m3
Height: 25.55 m

This investment is located over two sites, which until 2011 were occupied by historic structures. The deteriorating state of one of them led to its partial collapse, and in consequence, both buildings needed to be demolished. The one occupying a corner position was widely know as the ‘Poznan Iron’, due to its distinctive shape. As the building still featured prominently in the collective memory, it was decided that this part of the investment would be realised in its historic form. The project respects the style, the elevation partitions and the overall dimensions of the former building. Even the turret, which was destroyed during the Second World War, was rebuilt. The second part of the development, on Krysiewicza Street, was imbued with a modern and contemporary spirit. The use of common colouristics bonds both parts together, and with the use of modern technologies on one side and traditional craft on the other, a construction of high quality and rich architectural detail was achieved